Thought Elevators Program Review – Time To Get Your Mind Right

Ever wondered what went on in the mind of wealthy and successful people like Einstein, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and all those others, who have been held as pioneers of their generations and their respective fields? Sure, there are plenty of rich and famous personalities, but what is that single most important thing that sets this handful of luminaries apart from everyone else? How come all these people get so wildly successful within a seemingly short period, whereas commoners like us, never seem to get close of even a fraction of their achievements?

A neuroscience research, conducted at Stanford University has hit upon a clue that might just pave the way to illuminating the secret of achieving incredible success, only a few people on earth seem to possess.

It is called the “Brain Elevation Technique,” which has been used in the past by people like Jobs and Einstein, to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled success. The research showed that our brain is as malleable as clay, and so, it can be shaped and reshaped to manifest lasting success and desires!

The Thought Elevators system, created by Eric Taller, is a personal development program that is based entirely on the same revolutionary “Brain Elevation Technique.” Thought Elevators builds upon the principles of the Brain Elevation technique and the ancient art of meditation, to allow people to control their lives and achieve embarrassing levels of success without any undue effort.

As established by the Stanford University research, our brain can be reshaped or restructured as per our desires, and sheer will power. The secret behind achieving “elevated” levels of brain activity, is meditation, wherein by following a distinct style of meditation, you can reform your mind to experience more joy and attract wealth and success.

Most people who meditate, enter the “Alpha” level of meditation where they experience peace of mind and relaxation. However, it is nothing but a dream-like stance, where you let your mind drift. It is not powerful enough to reform your thoughts perpetually. For that, you require a much deeper level of meditation called the “Theta” state.


The Theta state is very close to “hypnosis,” and it is when your brain is most prepared to be reformed. Whereas meditation experts and even monks, spend decades to reach this Theta state, the Thought Elevators system allows you to do so in a much simpler and quicker way. By using only four steps, Eric Taller’s Thought Elevators system can help you enter the Theta State in as little as 3 minutes!

Four Steps to attain the Theta System

Step #1: “Clean Slate Mind” – The first step in Eric Taller’s Thought Elevators program requires you to clean up the stress causing factors that have cluttered your mind. It works by making you write down everything that has been worrying you, and then “tricking” your brain into forgetting all of these troubling thoughts. If done right, your mind will become unburdened and will be prepared to move ahead in this positive thinking program.

Step #2: “Priming the Positivity Pump” – The second phase is all about the art of positive thinking, and then, how to sow the benefits of positive thinking. Eric tells you how to reprogram your brain and set it up as a “positivity pump,” which is capable of sending powerful positive thoughts into the universe. Once you can command your mind to think positive thoughts only, you can attract all the success you desire and deserve.

Step #3: “Daytime Dreaming Visualization Techniques” – Instead of the outdated “visualization technique” as used by 96% of meditation experts, Eric tells you about a revolutionary and modern “Daytime Dreaming” visualization technique.

Eric learned about this technique at a monastery in East Asia, which helps your “Daytime Dreaming” visuals/thoughts to act as an immensely powerful beacon for the positive energy scattered throughout the universe and bringing you what you want from it.

Step #4: “Elevator to the Theta State” – After preparing your mind comprehensively following the previous three phases, the fourth step is where the process of “sculpting” your brain begins. Here, your brain waves are synced with the Theta waves (in other words, you attain the Theta State), and you start to draw in and manifest your desires and success at will. Once you are in Theta State, your mind becomes most accepting to change and is ready to be reshaped to experience more joy in life.


By following these four steps, you can enter the deep Theta State in 4 hours, where you can attract favorable outcomes at will. However, Eric has also achieved an even greater breakthrough with his ultimate personal development program – the Thought Elevators, where you can attain the Theta State in as little as 3 minutes!

All you need to do is watch a 3-minute video and then, turn on the 30-minute audio files available when you buy Thought Elevators system. Without having to close your eyes or meditating, you will be able to reach the Theta State in 3 minutes flat!

Measuring the success rate of Thought Elevators program

Before becoming the owner of a business consulting firm and striking gold, Eric was struggling in his life to make ends meet. He had an 11-hour job, and his family had to live in a tiny apartment in East Asia.

However, things changed for him when he came to know about the “Elastic Brain,” and the Asian monks who were able to use the Theta State to re-sculpt their brains to be happier. Once he became aware of the power of positive thinking and its benefits, Eric was able to overcome his failures and overhaul his life to become a successful man.

Eric now owns a dream house and car, and his entire family vacations every year all over the world. Not just Eric, the four steps to Theta State have been used by many Fortune 500 CEOs and other successful personalities.

Also, as many as 21,865 people from all over the world have already subscribed to Eric Taller’s Though Elevators system and reshaped their mind and life to become a most rewarding one.

What does the Thought Elevators System include?

When you purchase the Thought Elevators package, you get immediate access to 9 essential “Thought Elevators” that are required to attract wealth, happiness, and success to you effortlessly. These nine key Thought Elevators are -:

1) Wealth and Money – Specifically for changing your attitude towards money and how to manage it, and helping you develop thought patterns to advance your career.

2) Relationships – Specifically for managing relationships with your friends and family, and learn how to appreciate and control each of these relations to your benefit.

3) Your Ideal Partner – Specifically for helping you attain your true romantic potential and overcome heartbreaks.

4) Health and Healing – Specifically for creating a “brain alignment,” so that you will be able to eat better and stay in good health and shape. It will also help you get sick less often, and heal in a faster way from injuries and diseases.

5) Energy – Specifically for tapping the untouched and hidden reserves of energy in your body, to help you tackle anything and everything that life throws at you.

6) Your Ideal Weight – Specifically for helping you cut off all the negative views about your weight and body shape, and to teach you how to feel good about yourself.


7) Accelerated Learning – Specifically for removing unnecessary mental barriers that have been impeding your ability to grasp wisdom and knowledge. It helps you to be able to learn quickly and retain most of what you study.

8) Anxiety and Stress Relief – Specifically for dealing with massive amounts of stress in a positive way, and at the same time for removing anxiety to help you remain calm and focused.

9) Business Success – Specifically for unleashing your true potential and natural talent, to help you advance in your career and achieve great heights of success.

Apart from these 9 Thought Elevators, Eric Taller has also included several bonus items when you purchase the package from his website –

Bonus #1: “Success While You Sleep” – Audio meditation tracks that have been created to sync with your Theta waves, and help you start your day with uncouth energy and inspiration.

Bonus #2: “How to Plant a Money Tree” – Highly focused and practical tricks that will help you to attain financial freedom even with low income.

Bonus #3: “Recognizing Your Soulmate” – Learn how to know instantly when the universe has brought you your ideal partner, and how to build and nurture a loving and caring relationship with him/her.

Bonus #4: “I Love Myself” – A workbook designed to help you end all negative thoughts about yourself. It also contains positive thinking exercises that you can do to realize your self-worthiness and the amazing abilities that you possess.


  • Easy to follow and comprehend
  • A complete program that teaches the art of positive thinking, and helps overcome failures in various parts of life – job, money, partner search, happiness,etc
  • Convenient to use
  • Quick results
  • Helps you fight anxiety and stress
  • Excellent value for money (while any such personal development program costs upwards of $1,000, Eric Taller’s Thought Elevators costs only $47)
  • 60-day full money refund policy


  • Results may vary depending upon individual’s capabilities, and amount of effort and time invested in the program
  • Everything is in digital format, no hard copy provided

Our Recommendation

So, if you are thinking that by merely subscribing to Eric Taller’s ultimate positive thinking program, you will be able to achieve overnight success, think again. You might end up feeling cheated.

Only if you want to overcome your failures and make drastic improvements to your life, should you enroll in the Thought Elevators program? Our comprehensive Thought Elevators review pointed out just as much, and although, the evidence of the incredible benefits of positive thinking is pretty standard, it remains, in essence, a positive thought belief system.

Potentially, the Thought Elevators system has no bounds. It can help you attain immense success and heights of brilliance. However, like with every personal development program, the Thought Elevators is also limited by an individual’s capabilities.

The more you believe you can do it, the better you will be able to achieve benefits of positive thinking. Change your mind, change your life!

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